I guess you could say that I’m one of those people who likes to talk about stuff. You know, sit under a star-filled sky and talk about existence and all the infinite possibilities of philosophical theories. I also like to analyse people’s bodies – that does sound strange, let me give you background on this one. I was a professional dancer, first ballet then cruise ships and musicals then showgirl shows on television and in random “Révue et Spectacles” then I moved to London and wanted to immerse myself into all sorts of performing arts.. singing, acrobatics, musical theatre, my own burlesque act.. until I got the contract I wanted and got injured. ‘Well, so what?’.. you may say. Many professional athletes get hurt everyday and then get surgery, rehabilitation, recover and then catapult right back into it. I had been injured before, a few times in fact, it’s quite the traumatising/life-changing relatively outer body experience! Getting injured means having to stop living your reality and start listening to your body like it has its own voice, many voices for the matter. I got my injury and I let time go by, I procrastinated with the thought that if I left it long enough it would heal alone and if it didn’t it was meant to be. Call me dumb, I understand. For some reason I didn’t want to recover, and only now do I see this. It’s almost like I felt relieved that life had given me the opportunity to give up on such a competitive and hard lifestyle. How cowardly does that sound? I let my ankle cope with having its own mind and functioning in a new way, and in the meantime became a personal trainer – and a darn good one may I add. Not to be  modest, but I feel like I have this capacity to read people’s mind through their body language and body movement, or maybe I’m just a crazy old cat lady trapped in the body of a 26-year-old pretending to see things other people cant. I love my current job, I don’t necessarily love everyone I work with or work for, but who does? Not everyone is meant to slip into your life like a perfect fitted glove. I love making people move and I love helping them realize that it’s not always about what we do or how we do it but the reason behind it. WHY we do it.

I’ve done a few ‘types’ of jobs in my life, from Youth Coordinator manager in Alaska to cocktail hostess in a high end club in London. From singing in a gentleman’s club in Milan to being brand ambassador for high tech companies at international expo exhibitions – alongside being a dancer on tv, in ballet theaters, on cruise ship stages in South America… I mean you name it. I think I always wait for everything to be perfect and then the second it is, that’s when I decide to change it all up. Country, friends, partner, mindset.. daddy abandonment issues? Fear of failure? Fear of missing out? Maybe all three. Thus I have taken it upon myself to go back to school and study something that is already a part of my thinking process and analytical being. I have had a varied education, and when I say varied I mean extremely scattered. From a Christian school on a hill in Uganda, to a small private African elementary school on a Kenyan beach to a home-schooled tent in the bush in Zimbabwe, to a posh international American school in Genoa, to a close minded Italian middle school system, to a ballet academy in Milan, in New York, and finally Stuttgart – bare in mind I’ve left out a few. What exactly did I study in my royal academies? Well aside from dancing 12 hours a day… history of ballet, history of dance, theory of movement, music.. I won’t bore you further, you get the gist. People and things have come and gone from my life in a constant un-patterned way. I’ve recently passed the assessment exam for this ‘life skills/English/research and write’ course in January to see whether I am suitable for starting an undergraduate program in September. If all goes to plan I’ll be starting my sociology degree next September. “I thought you wanted to start physiotherapy, or osteopathy.. why sociology now?” Is what one of my best friends said to me without thinking of the bigger picture. I square eyed her for a few seconds and gave her a big fat grin…

“Can you tell me where I’m from?”

She looked at me startled and then crookedly curved one side of her mouth into a weak smile.

“I can see what you mean but… are you sure it’s what you want?”

“I’m sure that challenging myself by learning about why I think the way I do, will make me do things in this lifetime I couldn’t even dream of.”

So this is where I’m at right now. As adventurous, random and exciting my life has been, I intend to put my stories and views down into writing. So here we go…

Ps. Yes, it is me in the picture – in case you were wondering.